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f . r . i . e . n . d . s >> only

hey its friends only
comment n ill add u!
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hey! i love you!! (well, not like that. lol) i wanna be ya friend. :-D
i added you!!
add me back...
I added youuu ;D .. Awesome icon by the way <3333
Hey!! It's v3r0n1c4, I've changed my name to this. Add me pleassse ;D Also, delete v3r0n1c4 because I'm not going to be using it anymore! ;]

Deleted comment

i don't appreciate direct linking. >:O i deleted it off my server. now if you didn't save it the friends only sign, then you can email me, and i will get it back to you. kawaiihikaru77@aol.com
oooo im sry! where did i direct link u tho? i have saved the sign



14 years ago

u commented in my journal n i thot we were already LJ friends LOL can i add u? <33
yaa!! sure!!! hehe <3 brit
im adden you!!
cooll i added u 2
hey ya I do go to Pompano Middle and I know all those people u said lol well cya. IM me on AOL or AIM- AOL- SkippinKlass AIM- hEaT z0nE
I'm addin u!
loll o yeh i knnow i rock..JK okk ur added!
Hi i added you, add me back? thanks :o)
okkk ur added!!
heyy its th0nqznlipql0ss can u add me?!
yeaaah! hehe


14 years ago

u kno u gotta keep me!! <33 ilu
hey, i was wondering if you help with livejournal lay outs, please contacts me if you do, thanks <3 kayla
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<font . face="arial" ptsize=9>ima add you ... add me back? :)
yaa! hehe<333brit
adding u<3
oo thnx!
duuuude i love your icon...you should add me ;]
i shud! okie dokie!
hey omg ur journals awesome, please add me, my s/n is roxygirl0021 IM me when u get this i need sum help with my journal...thanks!
oook! lol ur added!
hey i TOTALLY love your journal, its so pretty. You think i could have your overide codes so i can make mine like that? I will give you total credit on my livejournal!!!!

Oh yeah, and i would love to be a friend :)

Love, cait
o im so sorry it took me so long to write back! yea sure hehe i made the colors myself woohoo i feel special. anyways yea whats your email -n- ill give u the codes =) o n i added u! <33brit

Re: Heyy :)


14 years ago

*`hey hun...cute journal. I added you. Add me back?!@*<33
hey yea ofcourse!!!! <3brit
thanks for the reply, its sweet you took some time out to say something. I have this picture i want for my background, i noticed u had one, by any chance could u help me put my picture as my background? im me..xlindzex xo! =)
aw no prob! thats horrible! im actually getting a new background but if you want some help w/ u layout ill help u. i have some overrides u can use n u can just change the colors! <333bri

Re: thank you


14 years ago

I added you to my friends list so add me back!
I really love that things that you have with the friends only and comment and add me.......I was wondering, where did you get that from becaue I would love to have one like that! And I love those stars that you have next to the link on where you post, where did you get those from to...thanks a bunch!:)
you can request a star from really any blinkie communtiy i think n also you can requst a friends only blinkie like i have at any blinkie request place! if you need ne more help free to ask. =)

<3 brit
oh my god. i love your stilleto shoe icon!! just thought i'd share..
aw thank u! i deleted tho i think..cuz i havent been updating lately but i just started updating again n i decided to change my layout..lol. thank you much n ur icon is cute!

add me brit!
add me!

i'll add ya back!


13 years ago

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